My Husband Plays Lots of Video Games

My husband likes to play video games. Like, besides golfing, walking the dogs and playing the guitar, it’s his only hobby. This week alone he has bought three new games. We live on a pretty tight budget, but when we have a little extra cash he’s allowed to buy games, while I’m allowed to buy books or DVDs. It works.

But you know what? I don’t care that he plays video games all the time. I encourage it, actually. At least he’s at home playing games instead of out doing who knows what. He takes the trash out, remembers to feed the dogs, does laundry, and will every now and then do dishes. If only that’s all one has to do to keep the house clean.

Robert’s not into the XBOX or PlayStation Call of Duty online-type games. He’s into the old school games on the older Nintendo and PlayStation platforms and likes mostly RPG games. His most recent purchase was The Legend of Mana that he won on e-Bay. He has almost 100 games, too, so he’s definitely not kidding around.

When I’m at home, he wants me to be in the same room as him while he’s playing his game. Have you guys ever sat and watched someone play a video game? It’s super boring. I’d rather watch sports or something. So I oblige him and watch him play. But then I start asking questions: “In Final Fantasy VII, why does Cloud like to work alone, even though he’s got three other people on his team? Why is his broadsword bigger than he is? Why is his HP higher than his MP? Can he do magic? What kind? Why did his parents allow him to leave home at such a young age? Does he love Tifa? Are there Moogles in this game? If so, can you find one for me and catch him so I can see how cute he is? Is Sid in this game? Why does your Black Mage only use offensive moves? Wait, there’s a Red Mage, too? Why is the only point of the game to kill all these mutants? What did they do to you? Did you die? Can I play? What happens if I push triangle and square at the same time? Why did the screen go black? You didn’t look in all the chests. You might have missed something important. Are any of the characters interested in resolving the conflict without resorting to violence? How do their parents feel about them roaming the countryside and learning new skills while destroying every monster in their path? Is their magic similar to the magic in Harry Potter? Do any of the wizards ride brooms? Why are you turning it off? It was just getting good…” and so on.  By this point Robert has answered all my questions and has gotten annoyed with me. I can now turn on the computer or begin reading my book.

So, yeah, I don’t mind my husband playing video games all the time. Just don’t ask me to watch or play as well.



11 thoughts on “My Husband Plays Lots of Video Games

  1. I totally relate. My hubby plays an online MMORPG and when he’s not playing, he’s watching videos on how to play it better.

    I sit down and try to watch the videos w/ him…and I almost DIE of boredom. Literally.

    I don’t mind that he plays because it’s relaxing 🙂 It’s not that much different than when I spend hours reading.

  2. I’m the one who plays video games but it’s my mother who actually watches, and sometimes tells me what to do….. ” There’s a chest, right there , on the left ! ” Why didn’t you open the chest? ” Mom, my Life’s full already! ” She’s definitely not bored.

  3. my husband doesnt play video games hardly ever. so no complaints here!
    although, i usually carry the laptop around with me all around the house watching some tv show non-stop, so i guess it’s no better. but at least i do clean the house….during breaks…sometimes..

  4. Wow, those were a lot of questions! I have a few married friends who play video games as much as that. At least one of them managed to drag his wife to the world of video games by getting a DS!

  5. I absolutely hate my husband playing video game. He knows that …but he still does it anyway. I just cannot get over the fact. I want a divorce.

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  7. lol my fiance doesn’t mind when I play. I only hope she maintains the same attitude you have after we actually get married lol

  8. And I’m into the same kind of games….Sharon use to watch me play things like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts all the time. Not so much anymore though, now that she knows pretty much everything about them thanks to me lol

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